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Top 3 tips to make the most of your candle

While I for sure never thought I’d need an instruction on how to burn a candle, there are some certain tips that will definitely allow you to make the most of it. In this short article I will state the most common mistakes people do, and how to extend the life of your precious mood enhancers.

#1 - Burn your candle until the top surface has totally melted

This will prevent the so-called tunneling, which is the residue of wax staying around the container and only a small part of the candle actually burns. Sometimes this can happen if the wick is too small for the container. Usually, the maker will specify how long you should burn your candle for at any time, and the first time is most important. See example here under Care Instructions

If you candle tunnels anyway, and now you can no longer melt the whole surface no matter how long you burn it, you can try scooping up the wax around the wedges with a spoon. Make sure the wax isn't hot anymore! You can re-use this wax in your wax burner too :)

#2 - Check if wick needs trimming before EVERY burn

You should avoid burning your candles if the wick is too long and looks like a mushroom head. This will make the flame too big, will make the edges of the container really hot, burn your wax too quick and it's a fire hazard too! You should trim it with scissors to about 1cm length. Some candles will come with self-trimming wicks (like ours :) ) which will minimise the need of doing so.

#3 - Recycle the container

Once the candle has about 1cm wax left in it, it should no longer be burnt. But don't throw it away! You can wash it with warm water and soap, and let your creativity go wild. There are so many amazing ways the containers can be recycled too, for example: pen pots, makeup brushes pots, plant pots, herbs pots, cotton wool balls storage and they are great to draw with crayons or paints on (kids LOVE IT).

If you use those tips above, you will make the most of your candle, enjoy it for longer and most importantly use it to its full potential (not just for the wax).

Thanks for reading.


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