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Scents are super important to us humans. Our brains make connections everyday between aromas, memories, and emotions. A certain cologne might bring about memories of your father. The smell of cinnamon might evoke memories of mom baking a cake on a Sunday morning. Our nerves play an important role in what we think about and how we feel.

That's why scented candles are so popular! They create atmospheres that remind us of good memories and feelings.

But do you choose the right candle scent for yourself? Or to give as a gift?

What do you get the person who has everything? I think everyone has that someone who is difficult to buy for – whether it be a family member or friend for whatever occasion.

Birthday, Christmas, weddings or even as a get well soon present, scented candles are always the perfect gift. An extra special candle gift is a thoughtful present that will bring a smile to that special someone’s face.

Every time they light it, they will think of the person who gave it to them! Candles help promote a calm and serene atmosphere so you can give a candle safe in the knowledge that you are also giving the gift of relaxation and indulgence.

But which candle should you buy? What size? What scent and which colour? Here is our guide to buying the perfect candle.


Think about your space. Where will you - or your gift recipient - put the candle? If it's a small bathroom, you probably want a lighter scent. If it's your great room, you might need something a little more powerful. Your bedroom might be a great place for a floral or outdoorsy scent, but in your kitchen, it might not go well with the smell of your dinner cooking.

It's also good to know the room décor, especially colours, so you know the candle will look aesthetically pleasing… which leads onto our second tip!


Decorative candles deliver aesthetic beauty and help to shape the style of room. They’re perfect centrepieces for dining tables and brilliant accents for bookcases, coffee tables and mantelpieces.

Different sized candles offer the opportunity to play with proportion while materials – from sleek metals to ceramic surfaces – enable you to experiment with texture.

PURPOSE Decide on your purpose. Scented candles can create ambiance, relax people, and can even make them feel more motivated to work. Consider the following purposes when choosing your candle scent:

- Ambiance-inducing candles might include lavender or sandalwood. Or Try our Hibiscus and Lilac candle for something a little different!

- Odour-eliminating candles are great for bathrooms and even kitchens.

- Motivating candles for an office or workspace might include more of a vibrant aroma.


People tend to gravitate toward candles that evoke certain good memories. Here are a few to choose from when purchasing a scent for yourself or as a gift:

- Fresh: This category includes citrus, herbal scents, and other clean, natural aromas. Our favourite fresh choice is our sweet mint and wildflowers scent which will set you up to have a productive day!

- Fruity: Love the smell of fresh and zesty fruit? We love Aery Living’s positive energy scented candle in pink grapefruit vetiver and mint - fresh and zesty home fragrance that’s sure to boost your mood and contribute to your energy levels.

- Woodsy: These aromas bring the outdoors in. Think balsam fir, evergreen, sandalwood, cypress, and patchouli. One of our bestsellers is our Sandalwood, Amber, and Patchouli candle. A lovely exotic and masculine combination.

- Sweet: If you love the smell of baked goods, choosing a sweet candle is perfect for you! Think blueberry pancakes or vanilla waffles… and make sure they are sustainably made!


Update your home based on the season!

Reflect the arrival of spring with fresh tones and in the summer months, you can keep fresh notes but introduce citrus fruits, like grapefruit, and add light floral tones for a bright atmosphere.

Autumn is a time for the fruitier fragrances, such as the deep scent of fig, and spicy aromas like ginger. Winter is the perfect time for sweet and spicy scents, bringing cinnamon and frangipani into the home. Our Frankincense, Oud and Myrrh scent is perfect for Christmas vibes!


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