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All good things were once just ideas

Just like you, we love everything about candles. Well, almost everything.


We love those scents that have the power to bring back memories we didn’t know existed. The calm that only a candle lit meditation can induce, that gorgeous orange-yellow ambience that makes us look flawless even after some sleepless nights. (Thanks work-deadlines, Or hen parties? )


The ‘almost’ comes from the toxic yuck used in many mainstream (and also in not so mainstream) candles. Like paraffin and synthetic fragrance oils, even containers that are exploiting Mother Nature.


We are against all that.


This is why we tried and tested, searched and researched for months. We even pulled out each-others hair until we produced the least toxic and most eco-conscious candles we possibly could.


Did I mention we are both perfectionists? 

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