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Your favourite NAKEnDLE – Now truly zero waste.

Love your tea lights but fed up with leftover aluminium or plastic containers? Feel wasteful by discarding them after few hours of use?

At NAKEnDLE our deep passion for developing eco-friendly and sustainable products lead to us to develop a refillable candle. With ‘ZERO WASTE’ principles in mind, we have continuously and meticulously looked for an alternative to single use tea lights. This new family of NAKEnDLE eco-friendly candles offers familiar handmade vegan eco products our customers love, but now truly zero waste.


How this works?

Multiple use Frosted Glass tea lights containers are the centre of our NAKEnDLE Refills collection. The glass cup is beautiful, safe, handmade and most importantly – reusable.


Our soy-free coconut & rapeseed wax is a perfect choice to create tea light shaped refills, that slip perfectly into the glass cups.


Once the wax has burnt, the glass cup can we cleaned with warm water and a new refill inserted. Over, and over, and over again.

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