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Autumnal Scent Combinations We Love!

The nights are drawing in… there’s a crisp chill in the air and there are leaves

covering every pavement. Autumn has well and truly arrived. It’s time to embrace

this beautiful time of year!

Time to Get Cosy

There’s no point fighting it, Autumn is here and winter’s just around the corner. But

before the coldest months hit, we’ve still got colourful leaves on the trees to enjoy.

This is a wonderful time of year to start making your home as cosy as possible. And

there’s no better place to start than with some comforting autumnal scents.

Some varying autumnal scent combinations that people love are the apple

orchard ones which have crisp notes of sweet apples mixed with earthy

woodsy notes. The fresh crisp scent that is complemented with earthy

tones fit the season well. Another favourite is cinnamon and pumpkin

where the lovely, sweet pumpkin is mixed with rich buttery notes and the

spice of cinnamon.

Many combos can be made with any scents, but certain ones complement

this season better than others! Here are Nakendle’s top home fragrances,

many of which are not sold anywhere else! Pick your favourite fragrance and

bring those autumn vibes to your home.

Spicy warm scents of stick cinnamon with a hint of apple and wine.

A truly unique scent. It was specially formulated to provide the spicy aroma

associated with this popular beverage bringing out the joys of Christmas!

That cosy, warm and special feeling you’re after can easily be achieved with autumn

scented fragrances placed in various spots around the home where they will flicker

with their mesmerising glow and release their charming scent around the home.

Remember the unique smell of quirky antique shops you can’t resist to enter every time you see one? The scent of an old book you flick through in awe and the trinkets that take you on time travel? This candle brings the scents of ancient and the scents of far-away to

your home making you feel one with past and present. Just like when you’re done

with your croissant and coconut latte and walk through the heavy door of neighbouring antique boutique.

If the combination of exotic and masculine is something that wipes you off your feet, this candle is for you. It is warm, it is sexy, it feels like the wool jacket wrapped around your shoulder on that first date when you dressed to seduce but forgot to check the weather

forecast. Amber resin, sandalwood and soft patchouli are only a few of the scents that can bring back the feeling of not wanting to wash so you keep the smell lingering on you a bit longer.

We mixed these warming spices with natural wax to bring you that cosy, rustic

Autumn feeling in the form of a sustainable, scented candle.

Like the finest wine, our 100% clean burning NAKEnDLE essential oil candles offersubtle and smooth-bodied scents that fill the air with fresh Black Pepper, Patchouli and Ylang. This mixture of scents create a relaxing feeling of home for you and those you love. Sometimes a bit of relaxation in the midst of the Christmas craziness is exactly what you need!

We don't hide the fact that this season is our favourite… We love this traditional holiday scent of a winter woods, fresh pine, and candied berries. Beautiful and highly

scented Christmas wax melts that will fill your room with fragrance and relax into the aromas.

Picking out or making the best home scent can be hard to decide, but when you make your own candle or know the scents you desire it can make the decision a lot easier.

All types of scents can be burnt all year round, but certain scents tend to be burnt in specific seasons. Autumnal scents are always what seems to spark the start of the holiday season in people's minds.


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