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Sometimes a scented candle simply won’t cut it. For a fragrance that you can catch a whiff of every time you walk by, it’s got to be a reed diffuser, right?!

From floral and fruity to woody and musky to scents that transport you around the world, there’s one for almost every house, room or taste (though having a diffuser in every room is, perhaps, overkill).

Aesthetics are also important. A diffuser isn’t just something to hide in a corner. A stylish ceramic bottle can act as a centrepiece on any surface.

But how to choose the highest quality reed diffuser out of so many that are on the market right now? If you care about the scent and even more about your health, you can choose less hazardous, premium quality reed diffusers. Our diffusers are made with the finest oils, have 100% natural fragrances, and are a simple, fuss-free option for adding a beautiful natural scent to your home. Our reed diffusers are guaranteed to create an inviting ambience!

There are three main types of diffuser bases. The first-generation base mainly contains alcohol and perfumes. Second-generation bases have ‘heavier’ alcohol and perfumes, which evaporates slower. Third generation don’t contain alcohol. The first two types usually contain VOC’s, phthalates and parabens that can potentially damage your lungs. The third generation doesn’t contain these chemicals and evaporates in a controlled and healthy way.

Our aromatic diffusers are perfect for breathing new life into a room. Instead of a synthetic diffuser base we use almond oil (food grade) and the scents are the 8 we currently have available in candles: Sandalwood, Amber & Patchouli, Sweet Mint & Wildflowers, Jasmine, Blackberry & Vanilla and more!

Choose from beautiful aromas such as sea salt, sandlwood, or rhubarb. Or create a calm oasis in your bedroom and help sleep come naturally with one of our jasmine-scented diffusers. Home fragrance is also great for gifting.

The ceramic vase is handmade by the NAKEnDLE team! We use eco-friendly ceramics, which are fired only once and are glaze lead free. will last up to 3 months. Once used, you can purchase a refill only, and reuse the ceramic vase. Or why not use it as a flower vase instead?!

That’s why we have found the best eco-friendly way for you to enjoy the goodness and wholesomeness of natural fragrances, no matter what your budget or where you are on your eco-conscious journey! Check them out here.


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