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6 reasons that make NAKEnDLE different to other candles

I was so impressed with my business partner Aniko's post on facebook on what makes our NAKEnDLEs different (and better, in my opinion, but hey, I'm biased!) than other candle brands, that I thought this topic deserves a page on its own. So here is a quick summary of the key differentiating factors that make our candles unique, different and absolutely amazing.

1. Handmade ceramic container

We make our candle jars by hand (our hands), from clay, how can something be more natural than that? Instead of settling for a standard glass container or a metal tin, we have decided that since making pottery and ceramic is such an amazing process, why not share it with our fellow-candle lovers and allow them to experience that too.

2. Unique plant-based wax

We spent many months analysing and researching best possible wax options. Paraffin has been ruled out due to the chemicals and nasties in it; soy is not eco friendly (read more here), and beeswax is not vegan. The lengthy process of finding the ideal wax led us to the discovery of coconut & rapeseed waxes. Not the easiest to work with, which made the whole thing even more challenging, but the development of this amazing, eco, vegan and totally pant based wax has been a reward on its own.


We only use natural, ethically sourced fragrance oils that are FREE from CMR’s (chemicals that are cancer causing, lead to mutations and toxic to reproduction), Phthalates, Parabens, Silicone and PEG. You'd be surprised how many nasties can be found in the 'less eco and less natural' candles. We don't compromise health and safety to achieve delicious smell, but our candles smell delicious, fresh and mesmerising. The strong scent, called the scent throw, is due to the quality of our wax.

4. Minimalist Design

Our design is minimalistic - less fanciness, closer to nature. The natural clay, or as others would call it - mud, dug out from the ground. Natural fragrances. Cotton wick. Cotton pouch. And that's it.

5. Environmentally friendly packaging

Everything in our packaging has been thoroughly thought through. Our suppliers have been carefully selected. The materials meticulously evaluated. Everything to ensure we use the least possible paper - no useless box to throw away but instead, a cute little pouch that you can easily repurpose. Our small number of labels are made from recycled paper. Our shipping peanut foams are biodegradable (totally dissolvable in water and what a great fun for kids too!). Even our packing tape is made from recycled paper and water activated!

6. Charm , soul and perfect imperfection

Our products are not factory perfect but have soul and the charm of handmade imperfection. Every candle is made with love and passion. Every candle is unique.

The word NAKEnDLE comes from 'naked' and 'candle'. The nakedness, the wholesomeness, and the uniqueness of our candles make them pure, unvarnished and so damn beautiful.


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